Dermeso Roller

Dermeso Roller

  • Brand: Dermeso
  • Product Code: DROLL4
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A replaceable head derma roller for collagen stimulation treatments, stretch marks, acne, cellulite, hair loss and aiding in the penetration of active ingredients.

The Dermeso roller is made of finest stainless steel head and has 540 needle pins. It has a replaceable head.

Important Notice When Choosing Solutions to Use with Dermeso roller:

1. Remember that using Dermeso Roller opens pores. Solutions must be sterile. All Dermeso and Innovera Solutions are recommended. 

2. Remember to choose solutions that are devoid of the following: peg's, glycons, parabens, dimethicone, silicones, and surfactants as these block the absorption of products and are also irritants.

3. Wait 15 minutes after needling before applying your maintenance treatment ( creams, serums, lotions, essences )


All Dermeso Rollers have replaceable heads.

  • When you choose  0.4mm Dermeso Roller, you are choosing the blue colored Dermeso Roller with enhanced metal head.
  • When you choose 2.0mm Dermeso Roller, you are choosing the green colored Dermeso roller with regular replaceable head.