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What is a BIO PDO 4D COG?
It is a barbed Polydioxanone thread with anchoring edges spiralling 360° or in multi-directions with 1.5cm in between barbed tip. The threads are made of biodegradable polymers that degrade over a period of 9 months while inducing activity for 18-24 months.
What is a COG PDO thread?
A COG pdo thread is a biodegradable filament polymer which has a barbed thread design to enable anchoring and positioning of the thread in the cellular tissue and thereby allowing tissue contouring and pulling of the skin into different angles and directions. Different types of cog threads have been created for different mechanical transduction mechanism. Although the Cog PDO thread originated from a single directional design, the strongest and polyvalent designed COG thread is the I-PDO Cog 3D.

  • Lifting the Gowls
  • V-Face Shaping
  •  Brow Lift
  •  Breast and Buttocks Lifting
  •  Mid Face Lift

All BIO PDO Cogs come with an L-Shaped Needle Tip for easier insertion into the tissue.

Recommended sizes:

For areas where dermal tissue is thicker : 19 G USP 1 thread gauge

For areas where dermal tissue is at its medium thickness: 21 G USP 3 thread gauge

For areas where dermal tissue is thinnest: 23G USP 4 thread gauge

All threads are sterile and packed in 5 piece individual air free pouches

Presentation: Pack of 20 sterile threads with needle.